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Terms and Conditions of Service

General Terms and Conditions of Service 

Payment and Conditions of Service Provision

It is the responsibility of the customer to familiarize themselves with terms of service at time of scheduling and prior to allowing our technician to commence provision of service. Scheduling of service with us implies full acceptance of our terms and conditions as detailed, as does allowing our technician to commence service. Acting either for yourself or for the party listed on electronic or paper work order you agree to pay all the following where applicable: any unpaid balance upon completion, 7% tax, a $95 service fee, necessary handling and return charges if your work order is canceled in an untimely fashion, and any necessary collection costs, including attorney’s fees. Payment is due on provision of service unless terms have been agreed or other previous arrangements have been made.

Service Call

For the Service Call (also known as “Diagnostic Call or Inspection Call”, the appliance must be installed and accessible to the service technician.
We charge a non-refundable service fee (the “Diagnostic Fee”) for all visits to Customer’s residence or business. The Diagnostic Fee is $95. The fee covers costs for travel and the performance of diagnostic services by a trained Appliance Help & Repair Service technician. By accepting the Service Order, you acknowledge and agree to pay the Diagnostic Fee in full whether Appliance Help & Repair performs recommended repairs or not. The Diagnostic Fee will be credited toward the cost to repair if that Customer agrees to have Appliance Help & Repair Service perform the recommended repair.


Repair charges are separate from Service Call fees. Repair estimates are not based on an hourly rate. They are based on many factors including complexity, difficulty, risk, tools, training, supplies required, and other factors. Our technicians can add charges if additional services are requested or required. Please note: additional fees may apply for the work performed to access the unit, in case an access to the unit is not provided by the customer. 


We provide 30 days warranty for Our Service Call and Repair in regard to additional appliance issues or a manufacturer’s part failure. Service Call and Repair warranty is void if there has been additional work or inspections performed or damage caused by a third party. We do not provide warranty for parts nor labor in an event if parts were purchased or ordered not by Appliance Help & Repair LLC. The Service Call and Repair warranty is also void if the customer chooses not to repair the appliance as diagnosed. There is no warranty against additional or more extensive repairs, against other problems that may occur on the same machine (even if involving what appear to be identical symptoms), or against incidental damages. Parts carry the manufacturer’s warranty, which is usually 30-90 days dependent on manufacturer. Customer will pay all shipping, handling, and processing costs incurred to honor valid manufacturer’s parts warranties. Since these parts are subject to availability from the manufacturer, we cannot guarantee the time it will take to obtain these parts. If the manufacturer, for any reason, does not honor their warranty, the customer is responsible for the cost of these parts. In no event will shipping or handling fees be refunded. We do not return electrical or special order parts. Repair charges (excluding warranty parts costs) will apply if beyond the Service Call and Repair warranty period or if these warranties are void.