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Looking for reputable local appliance repair services in your area to fix your stove, oven, cooktop? You are in the right place! We specialize in oven repairs, cooktop repairs, stove repairs and cooktop repairs. Contact us and we’ll guide you further on the repair process, including pricing, availability, and any additional information you may need. We schedule a convenient time for the repair technician to visit your home and inspect the oven, troubleshoot the cooktop or diagnose problem with gas stove or any issue with electric stove. 

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The temperature is too high or low:

Long operating time, heating and cooling will definately cause wear and accuracy loss. However, there are some simple solutions and our trained specialists can vring your oven's temperature back to normal.

Please check some common issues that may cause the oven to overheat:


Faulty temperature settings can be caused by a damaged or loosened thermostat knob.


Air circulation helps keep the oven at an appropriate temperature. It is important to keep your vent clean.


There is a temperature-controlled thermostat in every oven, so if your oven is overheating. most likely, there is an issue with the thermostat.


In most electric ovens there are the coils, one on the top and one on the bottom.


A temperature sensor establishes an even oven heating.

Oven door is jammed or don't latch:

In some cases, door is jammed after the Self-Clean cycle, which we do not recommend to use. Make sure to cool the oven to a room temperature and try to unlatch the door.

Oven don't cook food evenly:

Most common cause of uneven baking is obstruction in the oven's air flow.

Oven not heating or heating slowly.:

First of all, make sure that nothing is blocking the door which may cause the heat to escape. In most cases, the heating element may be broken or the temperature sensor may be off.


Miele Oven

Oven Cleaning and Maintenance.

Miele Gas Cooktop

Cooktop igniter replacement.

Wolf Induction cooktop

Replacing the user interface board.

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