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Makes strange noises or vibrate:

Lets be honest, most of us do not think about the "health" of dryers, and thus we often overload the machines, we do not clean the filters often enough or dry things that are not intended for these machines at all. First of all, make sure that your dryer leveled and balanced properly. Spin the drum by hand and check for any noise. In case of issues or questions, give us a call to receive a free diagnostics with a repair.

Runs but never heats up:

Most likely an issue with the heating element or a blown thermal fuse.

Runs but doesn't get clothes dry:

Most probably it is the lint built up in various places, restricting the airflow, which can lead to wet clothes.

Runs but then shuts off quickly:

This is a common problem with dryer machines, usually caused by a broken or faulty drive belt.

Dryer doesn't run at all:

In this situation, we recommend to contact professional technician, however, this problem may be due to the following common problems: clogged dryer vent, tripped circuit breaker or unsteady gas flow (in case it is a gas dryer).



Replacing the heating element in a dryer.


Replacing pulley kit in dryer


Dryer Belt Replacement

Maytag dryer

Maintenance and Cleaning


Belt pulley replacement.

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