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Dishwasher is leaking:

This is a common problem with dishwasher machines. We recommend to check for a damaged latch or gasket.

Dishwasher is not fully draining:

It is important to understand that some water should remain at the end of the cycle, to keep the seals from drying up. This water drains once a new cycle starts. However, if you do not hear the pump running at the beginning of a cycle, it is most probably a sign for a new drain pump.

Dishwasher won't turn on:

Please check the power supply. Otherwise, the problem may be due to the main board issues.

Dirty dishes after the washer run:

As simple as an incorrect detergent or improper loading, may cause the problem. We also recommend to check the filter. Next step would be to check the circulation pump and water flow in general.

Incorrect temperature:

Most likely the thermostat is bad. You can do a continuity test using a multimeter to make sure. Call us now to receive a free diagnostics with a repair.


Miele dishwasher

Fixing water inlet valve and sensors.

Kenmore dishwasher

Drain pump replacement.